The Rocketman, Ky Michaelson at the young age of 66 years old, has taken on a new challenge, and that is to build a hydrogen peroxide rocket powered belt. Ever since Harold Graham made the first successful flight of the Bell Rocket belt, back in 1961. About every thrill seeker in the world would have liked to had been standing in his shoes, including Ky.  Amazing photos.

Ky Michaelson has been building rocket-powered vehicles for over fifty years. Setting some seventy State, National, and International speed records. On May 17th – 2004 The C.S.X.T. Headed by Ky, reached the ultimate goal ,by being the first amateurs in the world to design, build, and launch there rocket into space. And on that day a speed record of over 3000mph and an altitude record of over 380,000 Feet.

Ky has taken a five-month break after the successful space shot flight and has started his quest to fly with his homemade rocket belt. As Ky builds the rocket belt, he is going to document the whole procedure and write a book on how to build the rocket belt.

Ky’s main goal is to fly the belt, and show the world that you to can build your own rocket belt for less than the cost of a new motorcycle.

Lower half of belt

Upper half of belt

Nitrogen regulator

Throttle valve assembled

Tank guards

Stainless Steel fittings and Gages

Head rest

Nozzle with Jetovators

Tank will hold 3500psi of Nitrogen

Tanks assembled with head rest.


Tank mounts