Workers in the Ulyanovsk, Russia, received an unusual order from the area’s governor: Go home to your loved one, relax and let nature take its course.

It was the most direct attempt yet to reverse the country’s downward population trend, The Telegraph of London said Friday. Russian officials have been coming up with ways to help reverse what President Vladimir Putin called the country’s biggest threat. 

Sergey Morozov, governor of the Russian province, offered goodies for workers who took him up on his offer, The Telegraph said. His "Give Birth to a Patriot" campaign offered couples who give birth next year on June 12 — Russia’s Independence Day — incentives ranging from appliances to a four-wheel-drive vehicle, depending on how many children the couple already has. 

But the governor’s incentives don’t match the Kremlin’s. During a speech in May, Putin promised to give nearly $9,599 to every mother who gives birth to a second child, the newspaper said. 

With 793,000 more deaths than births in 2004, the Center for Demography said Russia’s 142-million population is dropping faster than any other on the planet.