A bunch of Firefox devotees set out to generate more PR for Firefox. They decided to make a huge accurate Firefox logo in a crop field (designs like these are called "crop circles"). Some crop circle designs are obviously man made like this one, whereas others are not so easily explained and are a topic of much debate. (w/pic)

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This was a big project involving a lot of planning, building the crop stompers (to lay down the vegetation), GPSes, walkie-talkies, a plane and a helicopter (for the aerial photos).

Planned in under two weeks and completed in under 24 hours, the crop circle had a final diameter of 220 feet. The circle was constructed in an oat field near Amity, Oregon, where it was completely invisible from the road but unmistakable from the sky. THe team consisted of 12 people, mainly OSU students, and they carefully stomped down oats from 3:30pm Friday afternoon until 2:30am, putting on the finishing touches between 7:30am and 11:00am Saturday, August 12.

Find out more on how it was built HERE.