It’s getting to that point in the price/performance curve where battery-powered LED lighting fixtures are disposable and practical. A prime example is Sylvania Dot-it LEDs, stick-up lights that cost less than $10 and shine for over a hundred hours.

Stick the power-sipping pocket-sized lights almost anywhere, and press the middle whenever you need a bit of illumination from the three white LEDs within. You can take them elsewhere and stick them up again, thanks to their 3M sticky stuff that works kinda like a Post-it Note.


What are SYLVANIA DOT•it lights?
DOT•it lights are the first portable LED lights from SYLVANIA you can stick and re-stick practically anywhere.

Where can DOT•it lights be used?
DOT•it lights are small enough to fit in your pocket and can stick to a variety of surfaces, including fabric, leather, plastic, glass and fiberglass. Use them anywhere you need light: in your car, in your home, where you play, where you work or with your kids.

How do I use a DOT•it light?
Just a press in the center turns a DOT•it light on and off. Peel off the adhesive backing and stick it wherever you need light. Leave on the adhesive backing to carry it like a flashlight.

Are DOT•it lights an improvement over flashlights or tap lights?
DOT•it lights are easier to use than flashlights, just press them on and off. Three white LEDs make DOT•it lights brighter and longer lasting than standard incandescent tap lights.

Do DOT•it lights come in different colors?
DOT•it lights are available in six sleek, metallic colors: red, silver, black, purple, lime green and orange. Pick one to match your car, your home or just your personality.

Do DOT•it lights require an electrical outlet?
No. DOT•it lights feature a wireless, portable design you can use at home or on the go. Three replaceable AAA batteries are included.

What makes a DOT•it light stick?
A unique 3M adhesive on every DOT•it light sticks and re-sticks to practically any surface, without marring. The adhesive can withstand extreme temperatures from zero to 120 degrees.

How long will DOT•it lights last?
DOT•it lights include three replaceable AAA batteries that provide power for about 100 hours of bright, white LED light. The LEDs inside DOT•it lights will last for years.

When will DOT•it lights be available?
DOT•it lights are in stores now, just in time for the holidays.
Where can I buy DOT•it lights?

DOT•it lights are available in selected retailers.  For a complete list visit  . The suggested retail price is $9.99 each.