The DaVinci Institute along with 9 News and Townsend & Townsend & Crew will be producing the Second Annual Colorado Inventors Showcase to be held on November 14, 2006 from 4:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (VIP reception 3:30 p.m.) at The Cable Center, 2000 Buchtel Boulevard in Denver, CO 80210.  The event celebrates inventors and the results of their imagination and perseverance. The exhibits will highlight unique inventions from both independent inventors and established businesses.

“We are seeking inventors in various stages of development,” says Thomas Frey, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute. “Some inventions may be a little rough – not quite ready for the marketplace, while others may already be on store shelves.  Some inventors may be willing to sell their ideas and patents outright, while others might be looking to license their intellectual property. Inventors seeking manufacturing partners or in need of further financing will make valuable contacts at the event.”

Prizes will be awarded to inventors in specific categories. A team of celebrity judges will select the winners.  Judges include:  Stuart Langley, Executive Counsel, Technology & Patents, The Walt Disney Company; Drew Crouch, Vice President, Ball Aerospace; Jared Polis, Founder of the Jared Polis Foundation, Donna Petrocco, President, Valley Bank; Wil McCarthey, Editor for WIRED Magazine & SciFi Channel and Author of Hacking Matter; Ryan McIntyre, Co-Founder of  and Principal at Mobius Venture Capital; Al Lewis, Business Columnist, The Denver Post; Matt Warta, Venture Capitalist, Village Ventures, and, Paul Bauer, Professor of Information Technology and Electronic Commerce, University of Denver.

Additional judges include: Allison Taylor, Founder, Paravox; Neil Westergaard, Editor, Denver Business Journal; Dave Taylor, Founder, &, Senior Fellow of the DaVinci Institute; Dane Coyer, VP, IBM; Teresa Rabenberg, Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch; Jim Ball, Co-Founder, Alpine Access Corporation; Chris Scoggins, Venture Capitalist, Sequel Ventures; Bert Vermeulen, Founder of Corp 21, Senior Fellow – DaVinci Institute; Tony Kindelspire, Business Editor, Longmont Times Call; Joy Milkowski, CEO, Access Marketing; Suzanne Duret, Author of Inventing for Wealth; Candy Campbell, Publisher, Colorado Company Magazine; Michael Cushman, Senior Fellow, DaVinci Institute, and, Alex Burney, Founder, Huge Consulting.

The event is being sponsored by 9 News and Townsend & Townsend & Crew.  9 News is Colorado’s most popular source for local, national, sports and weather news and information, and they love doing news segments on new inventions.

Townsend and Townsend and Crew LLP is a full-service patent and intellectual property firm with over 170 attorneys. Practicing together from offices in technology centers throughout the West, Townsend’s attorneys pool their expertise for effective representation. Townsend’s goal is to help clients realize value through intellectual property.

Ticket prices vary from $35 to $65 for general admission and $145 for VIP admission.
Exhibit space is available for $175 and $350. There are still tables available for inventors. Details and registration: 

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About the DaVinci Institute
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The DaVinci Institute also promotes the viewpoint that the people that will shape the future are those that take brilliant ideas and make them become reality. Because inventors and entrepreneurs will shape our future, the DaVinci Institute produces futurist events designed to assist revolutionary thinkers, inventors and entrepreneurs, get their ideas off the ground.
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