All bottles of wine sold in Britain are likely to carry tobacco-style health warnings from next year under government plans to crack down on binge drinking.

British officials are in discussions with the alcohol industry to agree a new labelling regime for beer, spirits and wine that will highlight the dangers of drinking too much.

Labels are also likely to include details of where to get help for alcoholism. There could be a generic health message, such as "Please Drink Sensibly", although the industry is fighting stronger warnings such as those that appear on cigarette packets.

A recent European Commission report set out proposals for a system of compulsory health warnings throughout the European Union similar to those carried on cigarette packets.

The report said that although alcohol consumption is declining across Europe, "harmful and hazardous consumption patterns" are on the increase.

In Britain, binge drinking has increased markedly, especially among people aged 18 to 24.

Synchronized binge drinking