In a tracking study conducted across five European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK) and the US, comScore Networks found that while 29% of European Internet users regularly access the Internet from their mobile phones, only 19% of US users say the same.

The highest mobile Web penetration was in Germany, Italy and the UK (at 34% each), followed by France and Spain, with the US lagging.

Across all six countries, Internet penetration among mobile phone users is split almost evenly between men and women, but men have a slight overall edge (55%).

When it comes to where mobile phone users go online, the major online portal sites are most the popular, with Google, Yahoo! and MSN leading the way.

"Three-quarters of American mobile Web surfers access content from the leading online portals such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN compared to only 30% of Europeans," said Bob Ivins of comScore Europe.

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