Just when you thought all cell phones were starting to look alike, Bang & Olufsen has designed something quite different – the ‘Upside Down’ Cellphone.


Good ol’ Bang & Olufsen is making some noise with the Serene, a clamshell cellphone jointly developed with Samsung. Unlike other cellphones on the market, the screen is on the bottom and the buttons are up top. Try it out with your cellphone and see how it feels. In fact, check the jump for some more glamor shots and a virtual simulation of just how such a cellphone would look like.



So much more natural…

The Serene supports all the standard features found on cellphones, like Bluetooth and a VGA-resolution camera. The catch? Its price tag is $1,275. Ouch. Maybe that’s why another tech blogger called it "a hunk of shit." It’ll be available here by the beginning of November. While it’s nice to see some innovation for a change, is it innovative enough to warrant that kind of money?