The California-based online sensation MySpace, which has grown tremendously among teens in a short time, reportedly is losing its charm.

The Washington Post reported that the fickle teen audience is now flocking to places such as Facebook, where they share messages and photos. The Post talked to students at Falls Church High School in Falls Church, Va., where many students said they had deleted their MySpace profiles.

In past months, there have been security concerns involving MySpace. Some schools reported having teachers that were logging into their students’ information, apparently to monitor for drug and alcohol abuse, but students were offended, saying it was an invasion of privacy. Also, there is the ever-looming threat of online predators.

But privacy is not the only factor. Sources told the Post that the teen audience is extremely fickle, and friends often jump from one networking service to another in blocks. For instance, Friendster and Xanga enjoyed enormous but short-lived popularity before MySpace came along.

The trend comes as Google Inc. struck a $900 million deal to advertise on MySpace.