Kidneys were allegedly removed from sick patients at a Japanese hospital without their permission and then used for transplants, a report says.

The Mainichi Daily News alleged Saturday that it was actually the Uwajima Tokushukai Hospital director, Hiromichi Sadashima, who had given the green light for the operations. 
A total of 11 transplants took place using the kidneys from the sick, unknowing patients, the report alleged. Hospital officials said at a Friday news conference that 11 such transplants allegedly were carried out between 2004 and this September. 
Apparently, the process started out innocently enough when one physician asked another if he had any kidneys he was going to "throw out," but the urologist found that he could actually use what he was given in a live patient in need of a transplant, the report said. 
The investigation into donor protocol and lack of donor permission is continuing.