Japanese inventor unveiled a bra with cup padding that unfolds into a shopping bag. (with a sexy pic)

Japanese women looking for a place to hold their melons while shopping may soon have an alternative – their bra.

In a bid to discourage the shopaholics from using plastic bags, a lingerie maker has unveiled a bra with cup padding that unfolds to become a handheld shopping bag.

It’s the second time Triumph International Japan Ltd – makers of the eco-bra – have tried to woo socially responsible consumers.

Last year it marketed a bra which can be warmed in a microwave to cut indoor heating bills.

The ‘Bra Rangers’ – named after television characters who morph into superheroes – come with matching underwear bearing the message, ‘No more plastic bags!’

And the bra-turned-bag is made of recycled polyester fibre with straps that can be tied onto the bag as ribbons.

Japanese shops hand out some 30billion plastic bags a year but almost a third are thrown away without being reused.

A spokesman for Triumph said: "In this context, what deserves the most attention is the significance of each and every customer understanding the importance of not using plastic bags."  

The company has sought a patent for the eco-bra, although there are no plans yet to put it on general sale.

Shopping bra-sket ... Japanese eco design
Shopping bra-sket … Japanese eco design