Up to 80% of spam targeted at Internet users in North America and Europe is generated by a hard-core group of around 200 known professional spam gangs whose names, aliases and operations are documented in Spamhaus’ Register Of Known Spam Operations (ROKSO) database.

This TOP 10 chart of ROKSO-listed spammers is based on those Spamhaus views as the highest threat, the worst of the career spammers causing the most damage on the Internet currently. Spamhaus flags these as a priority for Law Enforcement Agencies.

The world’s worst spammers and spam gangs this week are:

The 10 Worst ROKSO Spammers As at
13 November 2006
Rank Photo Spammer or Spam Gang Country
Alex Blood / Alexander Mosh / AlekseyB / Alex Polyakov
So many Alex & Alexey spamming! Alex "Blood" tied to Pilot Holding & bbasafehosting.com long ago, then Alex Polyakov posted he owned them. Massive botnet and child-porn spam ring, also pharma, mortgage, and more. May be part of a consortium including Pa
Leo Kuvayev / BadCow
Russian/American spammer. Does "OEM CD" pirated software spam, copy-cat pharmaceuticals, porn spam, porn payment collection, etc. Spams using virus-created botnets and may be involved in virus distribution.
Michael Lindsay / iMedia Networks
Lindsay’s iMedia Networks is a full-fledged spam-hosting operation serving well known ROKSO-listed spammers. They sell "spammer hosting" at high premiums. His "customers" spam via botnet zombies, often with spam payloads hosted on bulletproof offshore hos
United States
Ruslan Ibragimov / send-safe.com
Stealth spamware creator. One of the larger criminal spamming operations around. Runs a CGI mailer on machines in Russia and uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PCs to flood the world with spam.
Amichai Inbar
Full scale criminal operation. Spamming porn, illegal drugs and pump-&-dump stock using botnets. Partnered with many of the worst US and Russian ROKSO spammers.
Pavka / Artofit
A Russian gang who have been spamming for years. Started with porn, now into many types of spam, always via hijacked PCs. Part of a large criminal group involving ROKSO spammers Leo Kuvayev & Alex Blood. Also see "Yambo Financials" ROKSO.
Vincent Chan / yoric.net
Vincent Chan and his Chinese partners have been sending spam for years. They mainly do pharmacy, and are able to send out huge amounts daily. The use a vast amount of compromised machines, for sending, hosting and proxyhijacking.
Hong Kong
Alexey Panov – ckync.com
Spamming, spammer hosting, spamware peddlers. Author of the DMS spamware that uses hijacked open proxies and virus infected PC to flood the world with spam.
Jeffrey Peters – JTel / CPU Solutions
Convicted felon, hard-core spammer host, Peters is also behind a fake Russian "ISP" serving many criminal ROKSO spammers. Forged documents seem to be among his specialties.
United States
Tim Goyetche / Bulkers.net / Bulkbarn.com
Long time operator of Bulkbarn.com "secret" spammer chat forum. Behind a lot of the criminal method spamming that goes on in the world. Caught in 2005 spamming "pump & dump" stock scams.
Nova Scotia