Designed to get the atmosphere at dinner parties warmed up in a jiffy, the ice cool Home Bar Side-by-Side refrigerator also chucks out ice and filtered water from its door-mounted dispenser.

The kitchen is quickly becoming the true hub of most parties. Appliance makers realize that new home designs are placing a greater focus on the kitchen, hence the increase of high-tech refrigerators. LG has been a key player in the refrigerator business for some time and now adds a new twist with what T3 refers to as, the Entertain-O-Fridge. This new fridge has a little flap which contains the life line of most parties, the wet bar. The Home Bar Side-by-Side has the other bar necessity, the ice machine. Now when you have a party, people can access the drinks without opening the fridge a million times. If LG would add an LCD screen to this product, they would have a lot of guys lining up to buy one.

LG’s new chiller’s a super-cool kitchen add-on…
But it does make serving drinks really cool.

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