British parents are as happy as ever to lie about a number of fabled stories. A poll for Reader’s Digest found that almost nine out of ten parents have passed on untruths. Here are the top 10 lies.

The Top Ten white lies are:


1. Father Christmas
2. The Tooth Fairy
3. Crusts give you curly hair
4. Carrots help night vision
5. If the wind changes, your face will stay like that

6. The Easter Bunny

7. Babies are found under gooseberry bushes (or similar)
8. If you eat apple pips, they will grow in your tummy
9. Picking your nose causes your head to cave in or your nose to fall off
10. Lying does something unpleasant to your tongue.

Richard Bulkeley, a child psychologist, said: “Sharing fantasies may well stimulate children’s brains and help develop language skills.”