For those who have been working hard for a whole week, the weekend is a happy time for them to relax and refresh. However, nowadays, many urban singles find that they don’t know how to spend the two-day break.

Ms. Zhang is a manager at a public relations company. Her daily life is packed with numerous interpersonal activities, which makes her feel very stressed. Her way to spend the weekend is to turn off her mobile phone and cut off her contact with the outside world and then go to sleep. However, after two days of sleep, Ms. Zhang finds that she is even more depressed.

Ms. Han works in a government office. Every weekend, this young lady hangs out with her friends from many other circles. Sometimes, they play together all through the whole weekend without stopping. But even so, Ms. Han always feels like she has had a boring weekend.

Psychologists say that these young people are suffering from "weekend syndrome." The patients usually feel that they have no interest in doing anything. They become anxious when the weekend approaches and they don’t know what to do during their time off. Some of them try to escape from real life. They may suffer from depression, insomnia and other psychological diseases.

To deal with the problem, experts advise single people to make more friends and develop their own hobbies. Meanwhile, they advise people to hold moderated expectations about the weekend break, and to avoid making a too tight of a plan for how to spend their time.