Much like the 21st-century version of going out fo a Sunday drive: Blow up the hot-air blimp, take it for a spin, then fold it up and put it away.

Skyacht Aircraft's personal blimp

Of course, that’s assuming you’ve got $200,000 liquefying your Tiffany money clip.

The Personal Blimp from Skyacht Aircraft made its maiden voyage in late October, and although the company calls it a blimp, it’s essentially a steerable hot-air balloon. It utilizes hot air in place of helium and is propelled by electric motors.

Though the cost may seem high for a leisure activity, consider that the average helium airship goes for well over $2 million. Plus, Skyacht is saving owners money in other ways–the blimp deflates and can be stored until next use. Translation: none of those irritating hangar rental fees.

Unfortunately, these won’t be for sale until 2008 at least, and plan on having your pilot’s license ready, though which class, exactly, is TBD by the FAA.

Also, just off the top of your head, how many hours of flying time are required to drive something that resembles a Nerf football?