If you’ve got a room in your house that never seems to get enough light, CeeLite has a unique new wallpaper for you.

The company’s Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) panels are flexible, paper-thin light bulbs that you can hang on a wall, coming in sizes as large as 3 x 6 feet. Just a millimeter thick, the panels sandwich light-emitting phosphors between layers of electrodes.

When an AC voltage is applied, the phosphors light up with a warm white glow, consuming less power than a neon or fluorescent bulb. The panel naturally glows evenly, though you can set them up to dim, glow brighter, or blink like crazy when touched. The panels are already lighting up store windows, dance floors, pillars, and trendy bars — and someday the custom carport I hope to build for my Tesla Roadster.

Doubtful if you can buy them retail, but give one of CeeLite’s distributors a call if you’re still working on the cape for your Dr. Light costume.


CeeLite product page.