Marketers and retailers of consumer electronics should make a stronger effort to reach young women, according to a study by Vertis Communications.

Young women from Generation X (those born 1965-1976) and Generation Y (those born 1977-1994) are increasingly tech-savvy, both in their technology usage and their purchasing patterns.

Of Gen Y women surveyed, 37% plan to purchase a computer in the next 12 months, vs. 28% of total adults. They are also more likely to say they plan to purchase digital cameras, advanced mobile phones and video gaming systems.

According to the study, 83% of Gen X women and 73% of Gen Y women have Internet access at home.

"Marketers often target men for electronics advertising; however, they should consider broadening their approach to reach this key female consumer segment," said Jim Litwin, vice president of market insights at Vertis.

The influence of the Internet is growing for Gen Y women when it comes to making buying decisions. The percentage of women in this age group who said they turn to the Internet first to make a purchase decision rose to 24% in 2006, from 16% in 2004.

Among Gen Y men, the Internet ranks first. Advertising circulars and TV rank second and third, respectively.