Gulf city state Dubai’s growth and far-reaching vision continues to astound us and appeal to our grandiose nature.

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You may have heard about the world’s tallest building and largest mall and the monumentally-large real estate synthesis projects such as the Palm and world island groups and then there’s the world’s largest airport which is currently under construction and dozens of other projects which would make any city proud. Then earlier this year Dubai-based High Rise Real estate announced a Rotating Tower with four rotating penthouses and a rotating villa. Now the Rotating Tower has been seriously gazumped with the news of the Time Residences tower which will become one of the most unique engineering feats of the modern world – a solar-powered rotating skyscraper. The 30-floor Time Residences will provide 200 one- and two-bedroom apartments as well as duplexes and penthouses with continuously-changing views of one of the most exciting skylines on Planet Earth. Just so you know they’re serious, the company has announced plans to build a further 23 such rotating towers around the world.

The tower was designed by Glenn Howells Architects in the UK and City of Arabia developers Palmer and Turner.

As the 80,000 tonne building will rotate precisely once every week, markings within each apartment will enable it to function as the world’s largest clock.