Venturi, makers of beautiful electric vehicles like the Fetish and the Astrolab are coming out with an electric car that we can afford at $30k, and that will actually be for sale as soon as June 2007.


It can be powered by either its photovoltaics, or the wind through a "force wheel". However, it tends to look like a crazy 24th century golf cart.

The Venturi Eclectic gets its juice from one of two very Earth-loving avenues: it can either soak in the sun’s rays via the bevy of solar panels, or take a page out of the windmill’s book and get powered by the breeze, literally. If you’re really in a bind, it can also be plugged into the wall.

They’re only going to have about 200 units ready for the initial launch, each of which will be priced at about US$30,000, but they are going to bring the costs down for the full scale launch in 2009. By then, the expected price is below $20,000. Moreover, Venturi will be adding a single-seat variant in 2009 as well.