Research firm In-Stat has published its annual list of emerging and hot technology market trends for the year ahead. The firm’s list includes "heterogenous multi-architectural processors," wireless HDMI, PVRs, WiMAX, UWB wireless USB, ZigBee, and 3G, GPS, and DTV in China.

WiMax Illustration

Among In-Stat’s many predictions for the year ahead, the following stand out as especially interesting to device developers:

  • By late 2007, entertainment PCs will connect to high-definition displays via "wireless HDMI," and "that will really drive the market forward!" according to In-Stat
  • 2007 will bring the first "heterogenious multi-architectural processors" — for example combining ARM and x86 cores in the same processor
  • 20 percent of U.S. households will have a PVR (personal video recorder) by the end of 2007
  • WiMAX will be deployed more in Europe and Asia than in North America, and WiMAX "e" will put even successful WiMAX "d" vendors under
  • PC motherboards will be equipped with UWB Wireless USB by year’s end
  • "Net neutrality" proponents will turn coats as rising tides of rich media content slow down the Internet
  • The IMS control layer software market will collapse to four global suppliers by year’s end
  • ZigBee will see use in a 5,000-node or larger distribution centers such as FedEx, Target, and UPS
  • Mobile carriers will attempt to sell advertising
  • China will roll out 3G networks before the 2008 Olympics in Beijing
  • Chinese cable carriers will roll out 2-way DTV networks that can provide VoIP, data, VoD, and interactive services
  • Handheld GPS devices will boom in China in 2007

In-Stat’s report also includes a list of successful predictions from last year’s report. The full 2007 forecast and 2006 scorecard can be downloaded for free, with registration, here.