Trends related to our homes and our food are changing.  Here is the 1st part of an iVillage discussion with three home and food experts that will surely keep us buzzing about next year.

Design Diva Says: Think Green, Think Details

Nadia Geller’s one-two punch of Midwestern charm and funky, creative solutions to design challenges has garnered attention from coast to coast. She can be seen on TLC’s Home Made Simple and Trading Spaces, she recently left New York to hang her Nadia Geller Designs shingle in Los Angeles. Nadia says, "I love the new and have a deep respect for the old." She predicts 2007 will usher in "fun, smart and personal decor."

iVillage: What will be the hottest home-fashion trends next year?
Geller: Decor will set a new, responsible trend in 2007. Sustainable materials and the Green Design movement will be much more prevalent. There will be a tendency to reuse pieces that are already in your home, like reupholstering furniture. I also see pattern, color and texture taking it to the next level.

iVillage: Will any particular colors inspire?


Geller: Color will experience a caffeine jolt next year. Bright colors mixed with geometric patterns seem to be the new wave. Green will take on new hues ranging from avocado to kelly. Neutrals like metallic silver, violet and taupe will hang out in the background to contrast with bright colors such as magenta, teal and yellow.

iVillage: What can we expect from furniture design?

Geller: Furniture will be more stylized and smaller in scale. Furniture design will be all about details. Elegant pieces that have a bit more personality but retain a timeless look will replace bland, oversize pieces. Look for tufted chairs, carved arms and legs, lattice-backed seating and hand-stitched pillows.

iVillage: What accessories will freshen up our homes in 2007?

Geller: Textural and handmade-looking items with repetitive patterns will be a big trend, along with collectibles from foreign lands. Gold will make a comeback. We’ll see it on hardware, picture frames, fabrics and anywhere silver and platinum had their way.