Adults living with children eat more saturated fat, says a new study that highlights how kids and their habits may be associated with adults’ food intake.

People with children at home were also more likely to eat foods such as cheese, ice cream, beef, pizza and salty snacks.

Researchers led by Helena Laroche at the University of Iowa analysed questionnaires given to 6,600 people aged 17-65 living with and without children under age 17, reported the online edition of science portal EurekAlert.

The participants represented a diverse racial, ethnic and economic population. Trained nutritionists asked detailed questions about what individuals and family members had eaten in the previous 24 hours and how frequently they ate high-fat foods. Saturated fats are linked to heart disease.

Compared to adults living without children, adults living with children ate an additional 4.9 grams of fat daily, including 1.7 grams of saturated fat, the study found.

"Adults with children in the home ate more of those snacks and other foods that we consider convenience foods," Laroche said.

"These dietary choices may be due to time pressures, advertising aimed at children that also includes adults, or adults’ perception that children will eat only hot dogs or macaroni and cheese. Once these foods are in the house, even if bought for the children, adults appear more likely to eat them," the researcher added.

Via Web India