First, the iPod. Then the iPhone. Why not? According to Solutions Research Group (SRG), a lot of people think the idea makes sense.

An Apple iPod/phone hybrid has been the subject of rumors for months, and now this research shows that an iPod phone has the potential to be a hit with consumers.

SRG found that, based on a description of likely features, 16% of Americans ages 12 and older (equating to about 40 million people) think that an iPod phone would be a "great idea" for them personally.

In comparison, 24% of Americans ages 12 and older (28% of cellphone users) use Motorola phones, and 17% use Nokia models.

The most likely buyers of iPhones would be women (53%, compared with 47% of men), with incomes about 10% above the national average and an average age of 35.

Currently, slightly over 20% of Americans over the age of 12 (about 50 million people) own an Apple product, but according to forecasts based on the study, within 18 months of the introduction of a new iPhone, Apple’s footprint would increase to over 30% of the US 12-and-older population.

The iPhone would be big step for Apple.

Via eMarketer