Research from Norwich Union has found that 55% of consumers are proud to say they have nabbed a sales item, while 27% get such a buzz that they can’t wait for their next "bargain hit".

But Norwich Union warns that bargain hunters could be running the risk of getting into serious debt, despite their eye for a good deal. Nearly one in five British consumers admit to often spending more than planned because they just can’t resist a bargain.

The research found that young adults are particularly prone to "price tag pride", with 58% of 18 to 24-year-olds saying they are proud to tell people they have picked up a bargain.

Furthermore, one in 10 say they cannot wait to be asked where they had bought items so they can boast about their shopping prowess

According to the report, UK shopping habits are undergoing a change, with a new generation of young shopper not afraid to admit that they love a bargain.

"Cash flashing" people in their forties and fifties also like a bargain, but will not boast about it, Norwich Union says. Instead, they tend to use money saved to treat themselves to more expensive items to enhance their status, the report says.

Cesarina Holm-Kander, financial expert and presenter of Channel 4’s "Your Money Or Your Wife", said: "Norwich Union’s research has shown that people get a real buzz from bagging a bargain, and that it can get quite addictive.

"What we don’t realise is that while we are spending less on single items, we are spending much more frequently – what used to be an occasional shopping trip has become a weekly activity for many British women.

"This could explain why, despite the popularity of bargain shopping, more and more Brits are getting themselves into serious debt."

Via The Guardian