You may have seen illuminated wall applications, LED-infused or otherwise, but the green-minded folks over at Duo-Gard are integrating that disco-inspired action we all know and love into its translucent paneling, which gives buildings a breath of fresh sunlight throughout the day while cutting down on energy costs and potentially boosting your morale.

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The company’s new IllumaWALL melds the benefits of daylighting panels with the completely unnecessary, but entirely sensational night-brightening action of LEDs, as the polycarbonate structures feature built-in, fully programmable lights that can output a steady ambient glow or put on "a light show of pulsating colors" if you’re throwing a party at your pad. As expected, pricing on these panels vary greatly based on your installation needs, but if you’re already looking to craft a new domicile or office building, and need to garner a bit of instant notoriety, IllumaWALL could do the trick.

[Via Inhabitat]