Music isn’t the only thing that students are listening to on their i-pods at New Jersey Institute of Technology. Apple Inc is letting NJIT Professors post their lectures, and other audio and video class information on its iTunes U website – where students can go and then download whatever material they want onto their computers, i-pods, mp3 players and even their cell phones.

NJIT Instructional Design Professor Blake Haggerty says if you know you’ll be able to download a lecture, "you have the opportunity of really paying attention in class, and then reviewing afterwards what was said."

NJIT Media Technology Manager Ken Ronkowitz says the system is great for students because once a lecture is on their i-pod "and they go to the gym, or while they’re walking down the street or driving in the car, they can listen to it again – and that can’t be bad."

NJIT student Marco Grbic says having class information available on iTunes U is a wonderful idea, but the only drawback might be ‘this is totally an excuse to blow off class and listen to it online."

He’s quick to add "but that’s a bad idea…you don’t get the same learning experience."

Via Jersey 101.5 FM