A new survey of American drivers, from Nationwide Mutual Insurance, an American Insurance company, shows up some concerning driving habits.

Like drivers putting in their contact lenses while driving…

…or nursing a baby… writing a grocery list… changing seats with a passenger… reading a book… or watching a movie…

The survey says that 73% of those questioned drive while talking on a cell phone, only 16% drive at or below the speed limit, and 38% of respondents say they ‘drive a certain distance without any recollection of doing so’.

Under the heading of distractions that drivers say they would like but don’t yet have in their cars: 31% of drivers said they would like a fridge in their car, and 29% said they wanted internet access.

But, of the 1200 drivers between the ages of 18 and 60 questioned, 83% of drivers believe they are safe.

Driving while distracted accounts for 80% of all crashes on US roads.

Via Voice of Reason