An Indonesian clinic is keeping a baby until his poor parents pay the bill for his delivery, a report said Thursday.

Pedicab driver Sutrisno is 2.2 million rupiah (about $320s) short of the 3.5 million rupiah bill owed to the clinic, The Jakarta Post reported.

Mr Sutrisno, 33, has paid 1.3 million rupiah to the Murni Asih clinic near Jakarta after borrowing from friends.

"I don’t know where I’ll get another 2.2 million rupiah from,” he said.

The clinic in Bojong Nangka allowed his wife Sumarni, 30, to leave after she gave birth last week but is keeping the baby boy until the bill is paid, the Post said.

"We’ll take care of the baby and will return him to his parents as soon as they’ve paid the 3.5 million rupiah in full,” clinic spokesman Fendi Sihombing told the Post.

He said the parents had initially agreed to the arrangement.

"We didn’t take the baby hostage,” he said.