Researchers estimate that 25-30% of total media time is spent multitasking, and the more media a person consumes, the more likely they will consume several channels at once. Why should marketers care? Because multitasking has a profound impact on consumers’ ability to absorb and remember ad messages.

According to a 2006 study by Yahoo! and OMD, US consumers now live a 43-hour day filled with more than
The 24-hour-day morphed into something much longer – and that means marketers are facing more complex communications challenges.
16 hours of interaction with media and technology. MTV, meanwhile, in a 2005 study, says the "normal" day lasts 32 hours, with 6.5 hours devoted to various media.

However, as more media floods into consumers’ lives, they are finding ways to make room for them. Multitasking is a necessity. As a result, for marketers, "breaking through" to consumers is more difficult than ever.


Via eMarketer