Electrolux has taken the home garden and stuffed it into an appliance, getting rid of all the fresh air, sunlight, and dirt that goes along with growing your own produce. The VEGE is a hydroponic growing station that is about the size of a refrigerator, allowing you to grow herbs, veggies, and marijuana without having to set foot outside.


The Electrolux VEGE

It doses out the perfect amount of light and gives your budding plants nutrient cocktails to make sure they grow just the way they should. This is just a concept at the moment, but perhaps you lazy green thumbs out there will get to pick one of these up sooner or later.

So if you’ve not got enough spare time to dig an allotment and tend a greenhouse, nab a copy of next month’s T3 Home magazine for more on Electrolux’s high-tech grower.

Via Gizmodo