The number of people getting married has fallen to the lowest level since records began in 1862, figures revealed yesterday. And those that are getting wed are walking up the aisle an average three years later in life.

The figures from the Office for National Statistics yesterday showed that the average age for men to marry in 2005 was 36.2 and for women it was 33.6.

But despite brides and grooms being more mature another poll yesterday showed that all is not wedded bliss — as married couples have 182 arguments a year.

Typical quarrels last 25 minutes, followed by 30 minutes sulking — equivalent to three days a year bickering and four days silent treatment.

The most common marital tiffs concern chores, not listening to each other and a lack of sex.

And farting — which led ex-I’m A Celeb winner Kerry Katona, 26, to kick hubby Mark Croft from their wedding-night bed this month — also ranked highly.

Via the Sun