The HTM1010 iViewer offers four channel multi-media streaming over the airwaves to your television set from iPod, digicam, PSP or whatever.

The fact that it comes from Homer Technology should not worry you one bit. No sirree! Duh! Priced at $69.95.


  • Wireless playback on a NTSC, Pal and SECAM TV set from any multimedia sources, such as iPod, digital camcorder, digital camera, PMP, etc

  • 4 TV Channels to choose from, 4 LEDs for TV channel indicator

  • Embedded antenna

  • Power ON/OFF switch, Standby button, LED flashes when in standby mode

  • Standard DC plug for DC power in. 4 AAA battery compartment (battery not included)

  • 4 channel NTSC system

  • RCA Input (cable not included)