For the first time, GPS tracking devices are being attached to high-end "bait" motorcycles in an effort to stop organized theft rings targeting riders at this year’s Bike Week in Daytona Beach.

Authorities said organized theft rings are stealing Harley Davidson bikes and Japanese motorcycles and reselling the parts on the black market.
Agents hope the Web-based GPS tracking devices can lead them to the ringleaders of the groups, the report said.
"We have GPS tracking availability, which gives us a real-time link," Daytona Beach police spokesman Bill Rhodes said. "Once a motorcycle is stolen we can get a real-time link and find out exactly where that is. It is all Web-based."
A motorcycle theft task force in Daytona Beach said many of the bikes are being targeted for their parts.
"We found a lot of the high-end custom choppers are being parted out," Rhodes said.
"Daytona Beach said this is the first year they have used the GPS tracking systems to track motorcycles, but it will not be the last," Local 6’s Tarik Minor said.
As many as 500,000 bikers are expected to attend this year’s Bike Week event.

Via Local 6