A group of robbers rammed a van into the front doors of a Kissimmee Walgreens store and stole an automated teller machine in less than 90 seconds, according to police. (w/video)

Investigators said three men were seen on surveillance video at 4 a.m. on Monday driving the back of a van into the glass doors of the Walgreens store located on 2900 Boggy Creek Road in Osceola County.
"They simply tipped (the ATM) over on its side lifted it up and placed it in a van," Osceola County sheriff’s spokeswoman Twis Lizasuain said. "They were out in less than 79 seconds."
"Osceola County investigators want to know if these three suspects have struck before and if they’re planning another heist," Local 6’s Jacqueline London said.
"It appears as if they had planned this out because they knew the area and where to look for this particular piece of equipment," Lizasuain said.
Officers are searching for a Ford E-Series van in connection with the incident.

Via Local6 – Video here.