Viral marketing is a fad that is not available to all marketers, according to a survey of MediaPost readers fielded by Dynamic Logic.

Asked to rate viral on a continuum from fad to mainstream, half of respondents rated it as more of a fad than a widely available tactic. Less than a quarter (24%) rated viral as something that anyone could use.

"A lot of people are asking for viral campaigns because they see a lot of free reach and the creators getting a lot of PR," said Nick Nyhan of Dynamic Logic.

"It’s hard for everybody to be outrageous, new and funny," Mr. Nyhan added. "That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, but it’s not appropriate for many marketers."

Nearly 40% of survey respondents said agencies are more relevant than ever. About a quarter rated online creative quality as much improved recently, and 60% rated it a little better.

"Budgets are getting bigger and people are getting excited about it," Mr. Nyhan said. "Creative agencies are playing a more important role in online." 

Via eMarketer