This one is totally crazy. Would you eat dinner in an open air restaurant, with 21 of your closest friends, suspended from a crane at 160 feet above the ground?  Amazing photos.

Imagine 8 hours of eating and drinking, secured only by a seatbelt rigged dinner chair, with NO BATHROOM! For the $9,000+ rental cost, I’d at least expect a port-a-potty … watch out below!

There’s not even a pesky floor to ruin your view (or your aim after a few drinks):

On the plus side, Belgium-based Dinner in the Sky will drive their invention to almost any accessible destination (sorry fellow Americans, our only option is to buy the contraption, no rentals available stateside). The mobility of the venue opens up some fantastic viewing opportunities, like at this Formula One race:

Considering some box seats can run $1,000 apiece at high profile events, this could be a bargain for those with the money (and the bladder control).

Click here for link to video.