Even ladder climbing, globe trotting, time strapped corporate executives need to stop and take a break when Mother Nature calls, right? Not anymore. With the Gotta Go Briefcase, executives with an eye for the top don’t need to waste time tending to their bottoms:

As you can probably tell, discretion was the key objective when Niban Too Corporation of Japan invented the Gotta Go Potty. They waterproofed the containment area, double-sealed the lid, added a fold out leather privacy guard, and even included a cup holder (a diversion tactic the Japanese learned from General Motors … “Oooooh, a cup holder!”).

According to American Inventor Spot, top Japanese business execs actually see a need for this type of briefcase. Given that exceeding the maximum weight of 175 lbs may result in “RUPTURE of waste tank” or “possible bacterial contamination of briefcase contents”, we have to question how many American boardrooms this port-o-crapper will show up in.