Fire dispatcher on clip says, ‘Everyone is at the doughnut shop.’

An Easton firefighter trolling the city’s official Web site Wednesday clicked on a recording of a bogus 911 dispatcher who mockingly said ‘our offices are closed because everyone is at the doughnut shop’.

The audio file was quickly removed after city officials learned about it, said Business Administrator Stu Gallaher, who called the whole thing a mistake, not a prank.

”It was totally accidental and totally unintentional,” Gallaher said. He said former Fire Chief Frank Chisesi, who works on the Web site, had been trying to capture the sound of a fire engine.

Gallaher said the audio on the site, which firefighter Terrence Hand called inappropriate and unprofessional, was inadvertently left there by Chisesi, who was hired in January to improve the city’s Internet offerings.

Chisesi said he had placed several audio files on the site at various locations, but they didn’t work. He said he thought he had deleted them.

After learning Wednesday there was the one that linked firefighters with doughnut shops, he said must have been distracted or called away and didn’t realize he had ”left that one on the Web.”

Chisesi said the audio file may have been on the site a ”little over a week.”

Hand, who Wednesday e-mailed the link and audio file to city officials and the media, said, ”We all deserve an apology, and we expect appropriate action.”

”The clip is not flattering to the 911 call center, the Easton police or the Easton Fire Department,” he said.

He said the audio file was placed at the bottom of a page on the Web site for the Fire Department, between a link for the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a link for the history of the city Fire Department.

In the clip, a woman dispatcher says over the sound of a blaring siren: ”Thank you for calling 911. Our offices are closed because everyone is at the doughnut shop. We discussed the situation before we left and we believe you are old enough to be responsible while we are away. Please be careful with matches and do not play with knives and things should be OK until we get back. Hang up the phone now.”

Hand said only one person, Councilman Dan Corpora, contacted him about the irreverent message.

”I’m going to try to find out how it was posted on there and rectify any situation that would allow that to be put on the Web site,” Corpora said.

Via The Morning Call