A family’s plan to open an obstacle course for tanks and other armored vehicles on the outskirts of Waseca has some neighbors concerned.

Tony Borglum and his family want to let customers drive tanks, scout cars and armored personnel carriers through an obstacle course that would likely feature small hills and varying terrain, according to their application for a permit from Waseca County.

Borglum said he got the idea after visiting a similar course in England last summer.

"Driving them around was a lot of fun and there was a lot of people doing it," he said. "Businessmen, bankers and kids were all doing it and having a good time."

Borglum has imported four armored vehicles from England, and may add four more soon. The cannons on the vehicles have been disabled, Borglum said.

The family’s application also seeks permission to establish indoor and outdoor shooting ranges for small arms.

John Schiefelbein said he and other neighbors are worried about the safety of hosting a firing range.

The county planning commission plans to discuss the proposal on Thursday. Waseca is about 60 miles south of Minneapolis.

Via Newsday