In practice, business owners and salespeople often have monthly goals that they need to meet and as a result feel enormous amounts of pressure to make things happen. This is a dangerous practice because it can seriously damage personal & professional relationships and destroy the reputation of an individual company.

For you to make a sale, you first need to establish a relationship sufficient to make the sale.  The bigger the sale, the bigger the relationship.  In a relationship-based selling or consultative selling environment, the critical factors necessary to make a sale are trust and confidence – which take time to build.  This time investment is repaid many fold by gaining a long term customer and very short closing cycles.

For sales people that hear about relationship selling for the first time, many questions come to mind:  How can I build a relationship quickly?  How do I adjust my sales process to support this approach?  How does STATUS impact my success?  Why should I STOP selling and START supporting my customers in buying?  Am I pushing my customers away now?  Make plans to join us as these questions and many more will be answered at the Relationship Selling Boot Camp.

EVENT:  Relationship Selling Boot Camp
DATE:  April 14, 2007 – Saturday
8:30 am3:00 pm

LOCATION:  DeVry University, 1870 W. 122nd Avenue, Westminster, CO 80234
DIRECTIONS: Click here for map

INSTRUCTORS:  Allison Taylor, Michael Cushman, Cindy Rayfield, and Deb Frey
SPECIAL NOTE:  A catered lunch will be provided

COST:  $149 – ($99 for DaVinci Institute Members) – Register here. 
COMBO PACKAGE:  Membership combined with Relationship Selling Boot Camp:  $199 – Register here. *

* – A $298 value.  More about DaVinci Institute Memberships and Combo Packages at click here.

Relationship selling is the fine art of creating a win-win relationship. The seller wants the buyer to feel that they have got a fair deal, and the buyer, although they want a good price, do not want the seller to go out of business. Many negotiables beyond price are on the table, including goodwill and future sales opportunities.  The skills necessary to build and maintain a great relationship are critical to business success.

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