The Carbon Fiber Butterfly is the world’s lightest RC Plane. Between its transparent plastic wings, the carbon fiber skeleton, the prop, controller chip, drivetrain and rudder, it weighs 3.6 grams. That’s less than a sheet of paper. (w/pics)


The motor and 5:1 gearbox are Swiss made, and the rudder actuator is sensitive to 64-steps, allowing 180-degree turns within a 12-foot-wide room. And the battery pack is a dot-sized 30Mah Lithium ion that docks on the 2-channel remote. The prop? Carbon fiber, of course.

How does it fly? I won’t lie, I’m going to use the included simulator software before I try piloting this $300 plane in my house. But after the gallery, there’s a video. More on my maiden flight, later, after flight school.

Click here for video on Gizmodo