The Muharraq, Bahrain Municipal Council has initiated a crackdown on what it claims are sexually explicit posters and provocatively dressed mannequins.

While the council’s rules against sexually explicit displays have been in place for a long time, Mr Hamada said implementation has been lax.

The council has already ordered municipal authorities to make daily inspections to identify violators.

‘The mannequins are wearing see-through clothing that show their breasts," he said.

"And the posters that are on display at video stores are very offensive.

"There are pictures depicting men embracing women, kissing them, with their breasts uncovered. Others show singers wearing skimpy clothing. It seems that baring breasts has become a normal thing in our society these days," continued Mr Hamada.

He warned that licences of any violators would be revoked.

He also welcomed a parliamentary proposal to outlaw men working at women’s lingerie shops.

Via Gulf Daily News