We’re not sure what to call this set of images – both random and strange, but highly provocative.  But without a doubt, some truly amazing photos.

World’s tallest man



"Here’s messin’ with you kid"


Beer and fishes

Tinkerbell gone bad

Computer cat

Bullet rings

There no substitute for "screeming cat panic"


Fresh squeezed dog

The fate of Saddam – ashes to ashes, dust to dust….
hmmmm, he musta started out as a sand scupture

The effects of real Mexican food


Barrels of fun


Helium cat.  Makes you talk like Donals Duck.

"Here’s to you my little pussy"

Moscow bubble boy


"Can I have some frog with my peppers?"


Opening:  "Flight school instructor needed"


Shoe shelf.  After your fourth bottle, things begin to walk

Straight to the brain!

Notice the stain!


Santa from the other side of the gene pool