Motorists are to be given "beer goggles" as part of a campaign warning about the dangers of drunk driving.

Members of the public will be invited to carry out simple tasks while wearing the goggles, which simulate the effects of being over the legal alcohol limit.

The goggles impair the wearer’s responses by making it difficult to see clearly and judge distances.

The challenge is part of a road safety awareness campaign to be held in Buchanan Street next week.

The week-long event run by Glasgow City Council’s road safety team will also feature Strathclyde firefighters using hi-tech cutting equipment to free trapped drivers and passengers from a simulated road crash.

Knockhill Racing Circuit will also be lending their support to the event by bringing along one of their race cars.

‘Safety message’

Allan Stewart, chairman of the council’s roads and lighting committee, said: "This roadshow has an important road safety message and hopefully we can deliver it in a fun yet thought-provoking way that will change poor attitudes to road safety and save some lives.

"The underlying message is don’t take risks and be aware of your safety and the safety of others at all times."

Via the BBC