Teens are issued a provisional drivers license for one year before getting a real drivers license. During that time, they’re not supposed to have other minors in the car. So now they’re putting their friends in the trunk – also known as "trunking".

There’s concern that some California high school students practice "trunking." That’s when kids ride in the trunk of a moving car.

Xavier Garcia, teen driver: "I remember I was in my younger days, I use to be the "trunkee". Now I’m the "trunker." I’ve got people in there." (laughs)

But it’s not a laughing matter to these parents from Glendora, just east of Los Angeles. Their 15-year-old-son Chris Snyder and his friend Scott Atchinson were killed last year when they hitched a ride in the trunk of a Mazda Protégé. The driver crashed while making a lane change. The impact hurled the boys out of the trunk and onto the highway where other cars ran them over.

Chris’s mother testified before the Assembly Transportation Committee yesterday, urging them to pass a no "trunking" law.

Marsha Skubik, victim’s mother: "I believe in my heart that if my son Chris knew that riding in the trunk would be a serious crime, he would be here with me today."

The no "trunking" proposal would fine teen violators $350 and put two points on their drivers license, essentially suspending it for six months.

Assemblyman Dennis Mountjoy wrote the bill. He represents the district were the boys were killed.

Assm. Dennis Mountjoy, R-Monrovia: "One of the most precious things to the young people is the license to drive. We have to stop this behavior. We have to stop people from putting themselves in that kind of dangerous situations."

Teen drivers we spoke with understand the need for tougher laws.

Joley Halby, teen driver: "It’s not safe because when they do that someone could rear end them and they can just die. So it’s not good."

Under the current law, the driver of that Mazda that killed the two boys was fined $35.

Marsha Skubik: "This is unacceptable for allowing two 15-year-old boys to be placed in a position that they could ultimately die. That’s $17.50 for each dead child."

The California Attorneys for Criminal Justice opposes the bill because the group says the seat belt law already makes riding in a trunk illegal.

Via ABC News