Government officials in China risk getting sacked if they use their influence to benefit a lover or become involved in other forms of corrupt behavior, according to a regulation released by the central government on Sunday.

The 55-article regulation, scheduled to take effect on June 1, details a variety of wrongdoings and misconduct and is designed "to make sure government officials perform their duty according to the law."

The regulation stipulates that government officials who engage in corruption, organize superstitious gatherings, use drugs, engage in the sex trade or fail to fulfill their duties can be demoted or fired.

The regulation also allows for the firing of government officials who abuse or abandon family members or refuse to support their elderly relations.

The regulation is "China’s first to systematically stipulate what administrative punishments civil servants abusing their power will receive," sources said.

A press conference on detailing the regulation was jointly held by the Central Committee for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Ministry of Supervision, Ministry of Personnel and the Legislative Affairs Office of the State Council on Sunday.

Qu Wanxiang, Vice Minister of Supervision, said "the regulation is important for consolidating the CPC’s ruling position, safeguarding state power, improving ethical standards of officials and persuading them to adopt a clean, honest and down-to-earth work style to better serve the people."

The regulation said if a civil servant’s failure to perform his or her duties results in accidents, disasters, environmental pollution and "mass protests", they can be reprimanded, demoted or sacked according to the severity of the incident.

The same punishment will be given to officials who fail to report or deal with major accidents, disasters and criminal cases in a timely manner. Officials can also be fired if their lax management causes public funds for disaster relief, poverty relief, citizen resettlement, social security and land appropriation compensation to be embezzled, damaged or lost.

Officials found guilty of fraud and misleading leaders and the public will also face punishment, said the regulation.

Via China Daily