Thomas Frey: I had a chance to see the latest Philip K Dick movie "Next" and the idea-rich plot that will, in my opinion, have a way of surely energizing and inspiring the deep thinkers among us.

In the movie, Nicolas Cage stars as a man pursued by government agents who want to use his secret abilities to track some terrorists.  His ability: he sees just two minutes ahead and only events directly related to him. That seemingly insignificant ability gives him a hugely important edge when dealing with almost any situation.

After reading several critical reviews of this movie, I’m continually amazed at how difficult it is for most of the writers to grasp the genius behind the concepts.  While critics are tearing into storyline details and asking about the science behind the abilities, the ingenuity of these concepts somehow gets lost.

Cris (NICOLAS CAGE) is a man with special cognitive abilities who is brought in to help the FBI thwart a nuclear terrorist threat.

Most of the Philip K Dick stories were written in the 1950s and 1960s with Next being a film adaptation of the short story "The Golden Man" written in 1954. Dick wrote the story during a time when mutants were being depicted in science fiction as benign and in charge – the future leaders of humanity.

The movie was brilliantly scripted for the big screen by Director Lee Tamahori.  He did a masterful job of forcing me to think and rethink the situation, always surprising me along the way.

Nicholas Cage. Jessica Biel, and Julianne Moore bring this important piece of future thinking to life, and I give it a big thumb’s up for both inspiring science and challenging our tired old way of looking at the world.

Thomas Frey