If you’re sick of fishing wires inside walls, Flatwire is so flat you can stick it on the wall and paint over it, and its manufacturer says you can’t even tell it’s there.  (w/pics)


Now you can get a variety of types of wiring in this ultra-flat format, including high-voltage electrical, low-voltage lighting, Cat5e, coaxial cable, speaker wire, component video, and HDMI/DVI.

Of course, this stuff ain’t cheap, costing you $129.99 for 20 feet of component video cable, and $44.75 for 25 feet of speaker wire. Plus, the connectors are sold separately, so we’re talking Monster Cable pricing territory or higher. However, these wires actually bring some value to that pricing equation. It’s especially useful the way you can fold the wires onto themselves, and still paint over them. This tech has been floating around for a few years, but the company says it’s finally being brought to market now.

Via Gizmodo

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