US adults prefer healthcare providers who use electronic medical records to those who do not, according to a study conducted by Strategy One for Kaiser Permanente.

Slightly over half of the study’s respondents said that they favored providers who use electronic records, while 17% said they preferred providers who do not use such records. Nearly seven in 10 preferred insurance carriers who use electronic medical records, while 16% preferred those who do not. The remaining respondents did not express a preference.

About one in 10 US adults said they review personal medical records on their insurance company’s Web site. Over half would like to check claims and coverage or access personal records electronically in the future.

Nearly half of respondents said that paper is more secure than electronic records, while 42% believe electronic records are more secure. About three-fourths of respondents said that the benefits of electronic records outweigh any potential privacy risks. 

Via eMarketer